Apr 20, 2019

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Category: Accessories
A wide variety of accessories for all thermal infrared camera systems. Includes Optics, Power Supplies, Batteries, Cases, Cords and more. Browse this category or contact us for the latest inventory.

 Agema 7DEG LW Agema 7DEG LW  Retail: $4985.00  Catalog: $1985.00  Special: $1985.00 
Long Wave 7 Degree lens for Agema camera systems. Fits 400 and 800 series long wave imagers.
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 Agema 12Deg LW Agema 12Deg LW  Retail: $3986.00  Catalog: $2986.00  Special: $1986.00 
A nice 12 Degree FOV germanium lens for Agema long wave imagers. Can be fit to 400 and 800 series long wave cameras. Contact us to determine the fit to your camera system.
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 Agema 20Deg MF LW Agema 20Deg MF LW  Retail: $4986.00  Catalog: $3986.00  Special: $1986.00 
This is a great 20 Degree HFOV Germanium optic with motor focus. This lens works with Agema 400 and 800 series Long Wave camera systems. Contact us today to determine the fit to your application.
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