Apr 20, 2019

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Energy Audit

Thermal infrared imaging has become a valuable tool in performing infrared energy audits in residential and commercial applications. The infrared camera has the ability to display heat energy as a visual image. This gives you a new "picture" of your energy loss.
This energy audit image was taken inside a residential structure and shows the infiltration of heat into the structure. The yellow and red area to the left of the shutters indicates an area of increased infrared energy penetrating the building envelope. There is a good chance that this pattern indicates an area of damaged or missing insulation.
 This image clearly shows an area of moisture infiltration in a high ceiling of a residential structure. This classic pooling effectis usually indicitive of moisture rather than improper insulation. Moisture damage like this can lead to mold conditions if not properly fixed.
This image shows a wider area of moisture infection but not as high a degree of water saturation. The small degree of temperature differential (around 3 degrees F) indicates this situation. 

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