Apr 20, 2019

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The IR 250 camera is a lightweight thermal imaging system that is ideal for surveillance, energy audits, condition monitoring, flat roof inspections and a wide variety of industrial applications. The ir 250 thermal imager comes complete and ready to go out of the box. Charge up the battery, select your target area, then point and shoot. The ir 250 provides you with a crisp clear image on it's internal LCD screen or you can attach a monitor for remote viewing or a VCR for evidentiary playback.

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IR-250D Applications
* Energy Audit
* Handheld Thermal Infrared Surveillance

The ir 250 is a state of the art thermal ir imaging device that is both aesthetically pleasing (looks like a small camcorder) and ergonomic in design. Underneath the pleasing exterior of the 250 beats the heart of a true workhorse. The 250 is designed to the meet the high standards of the elite US military, the internal components of the 250 are state of the art and designed to withstand the rigors of combat. This image illustrates the "Black Hot" feature of the camera. With this mode selected hotter areas appear blacker and cooler areas appear more white. This mode is very useful for night time navigation and suspect pursuit. This image was taken at night in near total darkness.

  The IR 250 thermal infra-red imaging viewer stands out as a high tech piece of equipment that's surprisingly easy to use. If you can use a camcorder you can use the 250. This ease of use translates into lower training costs and a much shorter integration period. Agents can be out in the field using the 250 thermal imager almost immediately. While the 250 imager package is simple to operate it's state of the art technology will stretch the limits of your imagination. This image shows a similar scene in "White Hot" mode. Note that the target can stand out more with a "White Hot" setting but the background is not as defined as it is in "Black Hot" mode.
The system is available with long range lens options for military and surveillance applications. The 250 can also be retrofitted with wide FOV lenses for industrial and condition monitoring applications. The image shows the 250 with super telephoto 100mm lens attached. The 250 Digital also has a crisp 2x digital zoom giving you the long distance imaging of much more expensive units at a fraction of the price. 

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