Apr 20, 2019

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The 400 series thermal imaging systems are known far and wide as the "workhorse of the industry". These robust imagers provide you with real time thermal video, accurate temperature measurement, onboard color paletes and digital image storage. We always have plenty of demo / pre-owned models in stock. Contact one of our Thermographic Specialists to discuss pricing and availability.

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IR-400 Applications
* Circulation and blood flow analysis
* Research & Development (Product Profile)
* Electrical Panel Inspection
* Energy Audit
* Research & Development ( PCB )

The Rugged 400 can be used for a whole range of applications in many different industries. This portable unit offers high sensitivity and ease of use. The 400 is built to operate in demanding enviornments, such as offshore applications and steelworks. the splashproof, bump and vibration protected 400 can be operated even in areas where elctromagnetic fields are present, for example, close to induction furnaces. This screen-shot from the camera shows you the depth of analysis available within the camera.

 The 400 is truly one of the best designed thermal infrared imaging radiometers available. All camera controls are mounted in plain sight on the side of the unit. The 400 series offers you:
* Crisp color thermal imaging
* Highly accurate temperature measurement
* Onboard floppy disk image storage
* Internal magnification (zoom) features
* Industrial Shock and vibration housing
* Integrated Macro Focus
* A wide selection of optical solutions

These images show off the unique Macro Focus mode of the 400 series camera. By using the Macro mode you can focus in on an area 13mm x 13mm and fill the frame with stunning thermal imagery. Note that the target chip in the image is the size of a fingernail. This is a feature that is not available in any other thermal imaging system and adds to the flexibility and value of the IR 400 series Thermovision cameras. 
The screen shot from the 400 series shows you the impressive amount of data available to you in real time while using the 400 series imager. The system is suitable for medical applications such as blood flow / vascular studies, inflamation location and other thermal medical applications. 
 The 400 series unique Macro Focus mode. Home in on small components for an accurate image.
If you're looking for a low cost, portable thermal imaging system to carry out your condition monitoring surveys or R & D applications, The iR 400 series cameras are a perfect choice. Built for field use and with a proven track record within the condition monitoring market, these are among the most reliable and most accurate cameras you will come across in the infrared business. All cameras in the series are characterized by:

* Rugged design for operation in harsh industrial environments
* Proven reliability
* High accuracy temperature measurement
* Automatic set-up functions for maximum ease of use
* Thermoelectric cooling for instant start-up
* The Workhorse of the Infrared Industry

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