Apr 20, 2019

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The IR 5100 thermal package represents a unique opportunity for our customers to get into a complete thermal imaging package at an incredible value. Unfortunately, supplies are very limited and once they are gone they are gone.

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IR-5100 Applications
* Energy Audit
* Circulation and blood flow analysis
* Research & Development ( PCB )
* Electrical Panel Inspection
* Handheld Thermal Infrared Surveillance

Unique 4x zoom capabilities. Push button controls allow the user to select 2x or 4x zoom. 
 The 5100 Package is as easy to use as it is powerfull. All user functions are controlled from ergonomically positioned buttons on the camera. Multiple functions can be scrolled through at the touch of a button. The professional grade focusable eyepiece and comfort fit adjustable hand strap complete the package.
Many roofs need to be replaced prematurely due to moisture damage from leaks and improper installation. Infrared thermography has a proven track record in finding damaged portions of roofing structure so they can be repaired before water damage rots your whole roof. Thermography is a non-contact testing method, don't let anyone drill holes in your roof to test for damage. 

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