Apr 20, 2019

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The newest contender on the block the IR CAM TPM is one of the smallest and easy to use packages we have ever seen. You've heard the phrase before a million times but finally there is now a true "toolbox" imager for your applications.

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T-CAM2 Applications
* Energy Audit
* Research & Development (Product Profile)
* Research & Development ( PCB )
* Electrical Panel Inspection

The compact design of this qualitative thermal imaging system combined with its ease of use, guarantees that the system will be used on a regular basis. Why speculate when its so easy to take a picture. You can easily tell from this image that the center clip has a thermal issue.  
 This image illustrates the sensitivity of the system. You can clearly see the pipe through the foundation and tile floor. A qualitative infrared camera like this can be an invaluable tool for diagnosing a variety of buried pipe situations including; radiant heating systems, hot water pipes, steam pipes and other underground elements.
The TPM is the ideal tool for thermal infrared energy audit applications. The small size of the unit allows you to clip it to your belt so that it is always ready to go. The imagery gives you plenty of detail for determining problem areas in the structure. 
 The system is a great piece of equipment in a patient care medical diagnostic setting. The TPM can easily be used by any doctor, nurse or technician.
Veterinary Infrared analysis is becoming very popular. The TCAM is equally at home in the paddock or the kennel for everything from a quick check to a full body scan. 
 Whether you need a quick scanner for end of line Quality Assurance program or a helpful tool for diagnosing heat related issues in an R&D setting, the TCAM can perform flawlessly. Multiple color palettes illustrate the same object with the same properties yet each image shows a distinct difference in analysis.

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