Apr 20, 2019

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Infrared Camera

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The New RAZ-IR Infrared Camera
The worlds smallest industrial radiometric color thermal infrared imaging camera features:

bullet Pixel perfect radiometric calibrated temperature measurement
bullet Digital Camera and Infrared Camera automatically takes two images in one step
bullet Records your voice for image annotation in the field
bullet Next generation DSP based digital zoom technology
bullet 8Gb internal digital image storage with USB download via Windows software
bullet Full featured porfessional report and analysis software suite

Jim will show you how its done with a free sample lesson.
EMAIL Jim for more information and Pricing!

Whats in your attic? The RAZ-IR can pinpoint the porblems that cost money!
Infrared Camera Energy Audit
The camera saves you and your customers money.

Easy to use

Easy to use raz ir infrared camera control panel

The RAZ-iR is not only the smallest and most cost effective Radiometric infrared camera available it is also one of the easiest to use. 

Simple intuitive controls combined with a clean graphical user interface and on-screen menus make the Raz-iR very easy to master.

Easy to Download

No more messing around with sloppy memory cards and hard to configure card readers. The RAZ-IR infrared camera stores your thermal and visible images in its huge internal memory and then easily downloads to your PC via all common USB ports that are available on virtually every computer and laptop made.
Infrared camera image download

Easy to See

integrated thermal and visible camera systems The RAZ-iR infrared camera has all the features you would expect from cameras costing thousands more.  Not only does the Raz-iR thermography camera take stunning thermal images it also has a built-in CCD camera for capturing regular images as well.  One button image storage saves regular and thermal images side by side for easy reporting.
Small and Easy to use so you use it more often
camera hand infrared

Most infrared cameras are bigger bulky setups that discourage frequent use. The RAZ is small enough to fit in your pocket or in the included belt clip pouch so it is always there when you need it. This is a serious tool designed to make you money. As with any tool the more you use it the more you make.

The perfect choice for all thermography applications including:

  • General Thermography
  • Energy Audits
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Analysis
  • Electrical Predictive Maintenance
  • Substation and Power Generation Analysis
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Mechanical Preventative Maintenance
  • Flat Roof Inspections
  • Building Envelope Analysis
  • Mold and Moisture Remediation Surveys
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Equine Thermography
  • Educational Presentations
  • Research and development


Pocket Sized Thermal Infrared imaging Powerhouse

RAZ-IR Ultra Compact industrial color radiometric Thermal infrared camera Featuring:
Integrated alarming,
 Temperature measurement

Digital image storage with download USB
Included infrared analysis / reporting software

Energy Audit / Building Diagnostics Special
FLIR thermal Infrared Building Diagnostics
Moisture intrusion behind ceiling panels
The versatile RAZ can be used for a variety of applications from energy audit to circuit board analysis. The applications for this new device are limited only by your imagination. Nothing performs the way this system does at this price level offering you the most bang for the buck of any IR system on the market today.
mold remediation moisture dm analysis infrared
White Hot image of missing insulation
building diagnostics image
Thermal moisture analysis lets you virtually see through walls to determine problem areas in the structure. No other camera has the power, features and low price of the RAZ-IR building diagnostic package.
Powerful Analysis Functions
Mercedes thermal image Mercedes Benz Engine Thermal Analysis Thermal imaging of MB engine samples in different color palettes.  Yes, the image on the left is a thermal image.  It is remarkable how clean and clear it is.  It almost looks like a b/w photo!


equine thermographycanine veterinary thermal imaging

Veterinary / Equine thermography is a rapidly growing field.  Doctors, trainers, handlers and owners are all finding new ways to use thermal infrared analysis to diagnose a wide range of animal issues including; performance enhancement, soft tissue stress, vascular studies, lameness, abscesses and infections.  In this image of a canine we are using the "black hot" thermal analysis mode.  You can see by the temperature scale on the right that the palette is inverted from standard "white hot" thermal imaging so that hotter objects are darker and cooler objects are whiter.  Note the extreme cold of the dogs nose and heat of his eyes.  The eyes are almost always the hottest external part of the body while a good dog always has a cold nose!

The Easiest to use Thermal Reporter Analysis Software


thermal reporting analysis software quickview

The RAZ software analysis package is a full featured robust tool. You can easily open thermal image, visible image and voice comments from within the simple user interface. RAZ-IR lets you perform advanced measurement and data logging functions while still being the easiest to use on the market. When your analysis is done simple wizard based reports can be generated from ready made or custom templates. The features and power of this software compares to competing software packages costing thousands of dollars!

reporter pro thermal analysis software
The RAZ software analysis package is a full featured robust tool. You can easily open thermal image, visible image and voice comments from within the simple user interface. RAZ-IR lets you perform advanced measurement and data logging functions while still being the easiest to use on the market. When your analysis is done simple wizard based reports can be generated from ready made or custom templates. The features and power of this software compares to competing software packages costing thousands of dollars!

thermography software

The whole package deal

the package deal
The RAZ-IR is the most complete kit in the industry and includes everything you need to get started.

For a limited time the RAZ DEAL includes
*4 Lithium ION Batteries for all day imaging
*RAZ-IR analysis reporting software suite with templates
*Easy Report generating wizard
*IR Resources Level 1 Training CDROM
*Fusion-IR Software
*EZREPORT Software
*All weather waterproof hard case




Optional Accessories
The package is so complete there are virtually no optional accessories. The only option would be the High Quality long range telephoto lens. Not everyone needs long range so we have kept this one item optional. If you need the distance this is the lens for you. Contact us for full package pricing.
Telephoto Lens


Imaging Performance


Detector Type

Uncooled FPA microbolometer, with image correction and full auto imaging and instant image enhancement.

TV rate real time 60 hz sensor

Spectral Range 

8-14μm LWIR Long Wave Infrared

Field of View

25°×19° - Point and shoot imaging

Thermal Sensitivity    

1/10 degree sensitivity


Built- in Digital Video colors

CMOS Sensor, 640 x 480 pixels, auto balance and auto gamma.   

Image Presentation

External Display LCD

2.2TFT active matrix  High resolution color

Display Color

256 level, 8 palettes (Rainbow, iron, B&W, etc) custom palettes user defined.

2X digital zoom onboard


Temperature Range

-20 to +250 C

System Architecture

Fully Digital with onboard and post processing manipulation

Measurement Modes

Spot / manual (up to 4 moveable), spot / automatic placement at max, area (up to 4 moveable) displaying either max, min, or average, isotherm, line profile,  auto alarm

Emissivity Correction

Variable from 0.01 to 0.99 (in 0.01 increment)

Measurement Features


Automatic correction based on user input for  reflected

ambient temperature,distance, relative humidity,atmospheric transmission and external optics

Image Storage


Built-in Flash memory (8G bit capacity)

File Format


IRI (An individual file consists of infrared image, visual

image and voice annotation)

Voice Annotation

Variant for different files, up to 180 seconds per file. User can record a voice comment to every image saved

System Status Indication

LCD Display

Shows status of battery, indication of power

Sound Alarm

Automatic alarm for power shortage

         Laser Locator

Classification Type

Class 2 semiconductor laser

Battery System


Li-ion battery, rechargeable, field replaceable (4 Batteries included)

Operating Time:

Over 2 hours continuous operation per battery

Charging System:


In camera  via USB interface from AC adapter (96-

250 VAC) or in battery charger

Power Dissipation:

< 3W

Environmental Specification

Operating Temperature:


Storage Temperature:

-20c- +60c


Operating and storing 10% to 95%, non- condensing


IP54 / Tripod Mounting included


Operational: 25G, IEC 68-2-29


Operational: 2G, IEC 68-2-6




Image (thermal & visual), measurement, voice and digital video transfer  to PC

Included software bundle

Fusion IR proprietary infrared imaging color software w/image notation, custom color palettes, and documentation.
EZ report word based proprietary software for instant documentation and evidentiary imaging Vref.


0.265Kg (including battery)


120mm× 60mm× 30mm (Standard Model)


0.265Kg (including battery)

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LED LCD LIGHT   doggie thermmb engine


RAZ-IR Thermal imaging camera - the smallest, lightest and most advanced thermal imager in the world.

The new low cost, high performance RAZ-IR thermal imager is robust, ergonomically designed and easy to operate. It is the ideal choice for an ever-increasing variety of industrial thermal imaging applications. RAZ-IR provides a wide range of unique features and benefits enabling thermographers, energy efficiency inspectors and plant engineers to operate more efficiently and economically than ever before.

Capturing both visual and thermal infrared images is a breeze, simple press the 'store' button on the camera and simultaneously, both visual and thermal images along with temperature data are instantly saved to the internal memory.

The compact design offers advanced features such as finger-tip controls, high quality thermal and visual images with voice annotation, on-board image processing, large capacity memory and versatile USB connectivity at an affordable price.




raz logo
Once you try it You will love it!!

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