Apr 20, 2019

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Research & Development ( PCB )

Thermal analysis software is great for collecting virtual data. Multiple thermocouples (AKA mini heatsinks) provide you with a limited "connect the dots" impression of thermal values. However, the thermal infrared camera system is the only tool that gives you a true picture of your project. From troubleshooting to quality control to thermal management the infrared camera can give you an accurate real time video display of what is really going on at the component level and beyond.
Thermal imaging systems equipped with the proper optics are capable of measurements at a microscopic level. This image of the back of a quarter illustrates the extreme side of imaging performance. Keep in mind that this is a thermal image of infrared energy that is emitted from the object rather than a reflected light image. While you could acheive much higher magnification rates with reflected light equipment this is extremely close focus in the thermal world. 

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