Apr 20, 2019

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Infrared Camera Images (Page 10)

Infrared Preventive Maintenance scan of indoor Fuses

IR scan PM scan of electrical fuses

HVAC heater vent profiling

Infrared image of circuit board components

Patient No. 364c recovering from spinal surgery. Infrared imaging has capabilities of detecting
problems within the human body. 

Stove top burner

Thermal image of  'Snoop Dog'

Residential home bedroom, the hotspot to the right is a glade plugin, the black-blue areas at the
bottom right side of the image represent missing insulation

Same heat loss infrared image as above scanned from a distance

Hot water pipe flow detection underneath tile floor

Infrared image of a Circuit board

Infrared image of a circuit board

Tank level analysis

Cold air infiltrating a residential home at the bottom of door in January

 stovetop burner and image analysis specs


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