Apr 20, 2019

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Infrared Camera Images (Page 12)

Hot dogs on barbeque grill
Underground infrared detection
Underground electrical problem on high capacity street light on Las Vegas BLVD.

DC-10 Jet

Infrared heat flow profile of the PRISM ir camera

SPI_TH_insp#1014.jpg (12232 bytes)
Hot fuse connection
1rad_597.jpg (15873 bytes)
Hot electrical connection

1_615624124121.jpg (42600 bytes)
Electrical connection problem

Car engine

Fuse panel
17348923742834.jpg (47507 bytes)
SPi Sport Utility Expedition

Mandalay Bay Hotel / Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Defective overheating connections in electrical box
1_595_1827715262.jpg (38447 bytes)
Energy plant profiling
1d.gif (30179 bytes)
electrical connection problem
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