Apr 20, 2019

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Infrared Camera Images (Page 3)

Infrared image of a Printed Circuit Board

infrared electrical predictive maintenance or power generation equipment
Properly operation generators at The Hoover Dam - Boulder Power Generation Plant / Boulder City, Nevada

infrared camera for PCB thermal analysis
Printed circuit board (PCB) close up thermal analysis in the yellow infrared color pallete

Outdoor Predictive Maintenance Infrared image

Celeron thermal infrared anlysis
Intel Pentium Celeron processor - thermal image of the underside reaveling the connection pins

Substation Thermal scan of a hot component

close up image of printed circuit board
Thermal PCB analysis reveals small components and determines ground faults as well as verifies ooperating components.

electrical transformer box
Indoor facility transformer at Teledyne

Equine Horse Scan
Equine study of the horses legs in the ironbow color pallete. Lameness, hoof abcess and other ailments can be diagnosed in the very early stages.

Power generation plant
Thermal image of a power plant & smoke stack at 5.2 mile distance

electrical predictive maintenance 3 phase connection
Center Phase of 3 phase electrical connection showing a 50+ degree temperature rise. Possible loose or dirty connection.

thermal facial analysis
Human face close up scan reveals the detail available in modern sensor technologies.

infrared image of fuses (Indoor PM thermal image)

Thermal Infrared image of a hot spot (Outdoor substation image)

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